Step Up For Down Syndrome Week 2021

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Setup a Step Up for Down Syndrome Week Team

New Step Up Week Website!  Check it out HERE!  (Same as 2021 Step Up Week

Just remember when creating a team you need to in 2 places.

Teams-Create a team  (allows people to register on your team- registration $ will go toward your fundraising total- is added manually)

Donate- Become a DSCNWA Team fundrasier (allows people to donate to your team and for you to see your teams total fundraising progress)

Type in the same team name.  

All Step Up Week info can be found here on DSCNWA's website but registration and donations will happen on the new site.

TEAM PARTICIPANTS Please be sure to select a team upon registration. You can also make additional fundraising donations on behalf of your team.

INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANTS If you’re an individual participant and not part of a team, simply select the ***individual participant*** team. 

NOTES for Team Captains:

Things to get excited about with this new website:

  • Team captains getting to set up their own page and it's easy!
  • Team captains can see who registers and donates to their team instantly!
  • Everyone can see the top fundraisers (registrations DO count toward team fundraising but need to be added manually to team totals by us.  These will be updated weekly (and more often as Step Up Week gets closer)
  • Set up both a social team & fundraising team- make sure the team name is the same for both. 

If you have any trouble with the website, email for assistance.

Set up your team and/or register HERE.

How to Register and Set Up A Team

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