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2021 Badge Program Recap

2021 STARS and Club 3-21 Badge Program Recap

My DSCNWA Badges

During  2021 we will did 8 units of study based on our Pillars of Programming for our STARS and Club 3-21 groups.

Participants who attended at least one of three virtual programs of a specific unit earned a unit badge for their MY DSCNWA Badge Chart. Sticker Badges were mailed to participants.

The units we covered are below. Parents were sent an email with a unit summary after each unit to see what was covered. Unit summaries are also posted on our website.

Unit 1: Workout and Move Your Body

Participants learned about why its important to get active and fun ways to be active.

Unit 2: Healthy Eating

Participants learned about why its important to maintain a healthy diet through fun exercises and games.

Unit 3: Manners

Participants learned about proper table manners, phone manners, social manners and more to equip them for living respectfully in their homes and communities.

Unit 4: Money

Participants learned about how to use money appropriately for things they want and need through games and pretend scenarios.

Unit 5: Safety

Participants learned about safety in their home, communities and online. 

Unit 6: Hygiene 

Participants learned about proper hygiene to stay clean, healthy and smelling and looking good!

Unit 7: Self Advocacy and Communication Badge

Participants learned about how to properly communicate and advocate for their needs and wants at home, school and the community. 

Unit 8: Chores

Participants learned about doing different chores around the home to support independence and provide a helping hand.