Medical Outreach Program and Resources

Medical Outreach and Resources

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Resources for Medical Professionals and DSCNWA Medical Outreach Program

To view our 25-minute medical outreach training video, click HERE.


As a medical professional you play an important role as you will be the first touch point for a family. Your attitude will have a strong effect on the family—they look to you as the expert. Sharing positive and accurate information helps your families accept their child’s diagnosis and begin the bonding process with their baby. 

Talking openly with the family will help them to deal with the diagnosis. What you don’t say, may be as powerful as the things you do say. If you are not sure what to say, let us help you! Please be sure to refer the family to the Down Syndrome Connection of NWA for assistance. If you get permission from the family to share their information, we're happy to get them a new parent basket filled with baby items and many resources and books and to schedule a meeting/call/zoom at their convenience to see how we can help.

There are many great resources to help you to be better prepared to help care for and support your patients. Please take time to review the many resources we have gathered here on our site including our Sharing the New Brochure.  We have a medical packet distributed to many health clinics in the area with resources for your medical team and a First Steps magazine for you to give to families just receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis.

Individuals with Down syndrome have unlimited potential when given opportunity and support.

DSCNWA Medical Outreach Program: We offer onsite training for you and your staff. If you are interested in having us come to your facility for a training please call us at 479.282.3639 or email at We will bring lunch or donuts! 

**During the pandemic, we have created a 25-minute video you can view HERE.  We're happy to schedule a virtual Q&A or presentation**

Let DSCNWA help you deliver superior care and support to your patients to set them up for the best outcomes as they navigate a new diagnosis.

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