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DSCNWA EDU | Educational Seminars and Conferences

DSCNWA Educational Seminars

We are proud to be able to bring our members learning opportunities all year long with our DSCNWA EDU: Educational Seminars.

We offer parents, caregivers, family members and friends, educators and more opportunities throughout the year to participate in seminars that will help them navigate pertinent issues and topics. 

In 2023, we will be holding our Up to Speed with Down Syndrome Conference on March 11th. 

In 2022, we covered:

  1. The Birds, the Bees and Down syndrome
  2. Transitioning Out of High School
  3. Transitioning In to School and IEPs
  4. Navigating Supports for You Child
  5. Peer Presentations: learning how to teach your child's peers about Down syndrome

In 2021, we covered:

  1. Behavior
  2. Long-term Planning: Special Needs Trust and SSSI 
  3. Potty Training
  4. IEP

In 2020, we held our first full conference, the Nothing Down About it Conference. Which offered professional guest speakers on a range of topics including behavior, independent living, speech and puberty.