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Brooks' Battalion

Brooks McGrew aka "Brooksie"

Hi, my name is Brooks and I am a very fun loving 4.5 year old!  I happen to have Down syndrome, but that is not the most important thing about me.  I give the best of bear hugs, the sweetest kisses and have a radiant smile that will melt the hardest soul. I know how to use these things to my advantage to get out of some physical/occupational and speech therapy sessions too. I love to be in the center of attention and am not afraid to dance to my own music (especially if you are watching).  I've accomplished a lot of big tasks this year including learning to jump with both feet, use a "talker" to help communicate, dress and undress myself and...drumroll please...potty train! 

For the past 4.5 years, I've gone to school at Helen Walton Children's Enrichment Center in Bentonville and I have many friends that love me & help me learn & grow every day. I am forever indebted to their caring teachers and staff who have truly become my family.  In the coming weeks, I will embark on a new adventure at The Sunshine School & Development Center, where I know I will get the little extra focus I need to grow and be ready for Kindergarten next Fall (even if mama and dad aren't ready).   

My story began when I arrived a few weeks early & had to have many doctors & nurses fighting for me because I wasn't able to fight for myself. Five full minutes after birth, I finally took my first breath. After that first breath I started fighting alongside the Mercy NICU nurses, doctors, therapists, and of course my parents. Before I knew it I had a whole group of family members, friends & complete strangers who helped to give me the strength & courage I needed to survive. I have faced many other challenges since my birth, but it's with your help that I have continued to fight and overcome each new obstacle that comes my way. You have supported me, shown me love and patience and you have paved the way for my success. Whether you've been rooting me on since day one, or you are just getting to know me, you have had an impact on my life.  Thank you making a difference by including me in your life and for being part of my battalion.

One of the biggest blessings my parents had (besides me of course) was the outreach of the Down Syndrome Connection of Northwest Arkansas (DSCNWA). My parents had a million questions about my diagnosis when I was born and this group not only came by and visited at the hospital, but provided us with resources and support where we needed it. They continue to support us to this day and we want to give back so they can help even more families.   

There are a number of ways that you can be a part of “Brooks' Battalion” this year and provide support:

  • Walk with me in the Inclusion Walk on Saturday, October 13th at Arvest Ballpark  (Event 10 - 1 pm, Walk at 11:30 am)
  • ​Run in the Respect Run 5K on Saturday, October 13th at Arvest Ballpark (8 am)
  • Make an online donation here to my team to support the Inclusion Walk and the DSCNWA
  • Contact my mom or dad to purchase a team t-shirt, all proceeds go to DSCNWA
  • Contact my mom or dad to purchase a box of handmade greeting cards (30 for $30), all proceeds go to DSCNWA
  • Tell others about the Inclusion Walk and all that DSCNWA does for individuals and families with Down syndrome

October is Down syndrome Awareness month. We hope that you will join us, celebrate the many wonderful qualities and gifts of people with Down syndrome, and walk with us. The Inclusion Walk is the main fundraiser for the Down Syndrome Connection of Northwest Arkansas. We are excited to see Brooks WALK again this year with his sister and everyone else alongside him!  We hope to see you out there with us!  (Even though it's free, please be sure to register so we know you are coming!) No matter how you decide to support us, we want to thank you. 

I know I am special, but it's not because I have Down syndrome. I am special because I am Brooks, & because with my smile & laughter, I make the world a whole lot brighter.  Thank you again for being a part of "Brooks' Battalion" & for your support, encouragement & love.  

Signed with love and an extra chromosome,

Register for the Inclusion Walk

CLICK HERE to register for the Inclusion Walk on October 13th and to join Brooks' Battalion.  Even though registration is FREE, registration is required.  

Our Team Goal & Progress

We have raised $1,042.00 of our goal.

Donate to my team

(To register and join us at the walk, please visit the Details & Registration page under the Inclusion Walk tab.) 
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